Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alternative Sports Blaze Across College Campuses

If you are a dedicated student and athlete, then you may find your interests conflicted when you get to college. Maintaining your GPA and still making every practice is very tough. While most coaches say that they are understanding and that school comes first, you will still face the dreaded coach and team look of disappointment when you say that your upcoming Physics test is going to prevent you from making it to the game, match, or meet over the weekend. Some college athletes are finding the perfect balance of school and sports by playing intramural and alternative sports games.

College is the perfect place to experience new things, and many students are enjoying playing sports that many people have never heard of or that are not popular in the mainstream. Of course, there is always intramural soccer or softball for athletes who want to play a traditional sport but do not have time to commit to the team, but Dmitry Druzhinsky says that there are a lot of non traditional physical activities appearing on college campuses all over the country.

One of the most popular games is ultimate frisbee. This game is similar to soccer or basketball in that teams try to move the frisbee down a field and throw it into a predetermined goal area. The catch is that once you are holding the frisbee you must plant your feet and not move. While players on the other team try to block you, you must pass the frisbee to a teammate in order to move it down the field. The game requires a lot of running back and forth and is an excellent source of cardio according to Dmitry Druzhinsky.

Another popular and fun game is inner tube water polo. Most campuses have a pool, and this is a great way for chlorine enthusiasts to spend some time in the water without doing laps. Inner tube water polo involves moving a ball up and down the pool and trying to score in the opposing team’s goal. You must always be touching your inner tube while in the water, and this makes it hard to maneuver. In many cases the game devolves into bumper tubes.

One of the newest games to appear on college campuses, according to Dmitry Druzhinsky, is based on the popular Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. Quidditch is played at the magical school of Hogwarts in the book and is a sport played on flying brooms. While colleges have not yet mastered the art of levitation, students still enjoy running around with a broom between their legs and trying to throw the Quaffle into one of three hoops in order to score. Two players run around with balls called Bludgers that they can throw at opposing team members in order to freeze them, and one person pretends to be the Snitch and needs to be caught before the game can end.

So many fun and alternative sports make it easy to enjoy being an athlete in college while also being a successful student. Students who have found that they do not have the time to play sports at the collegiate level are still able to enjoy playing and having fun with their friends.

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