Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tennis Star Steffi Graf's Father Dies of Cancer

Dmitry Druzhinsky News is sad to report that tennis legend Steffi Graf's father passed away from cancer on Saturday. The Wimbledon legend credited her father as one of the key factors in driving her to top of the tennis world. Her dad, Peter Graf, who had been battling pancreatic cancer was 75 years old. Steffi and her dad were once inseparable since he was also her coach and ex-manager. The 44 year old tennis legend has always credited her father for guiding and helping her win 22 world titles in her illustrious career. She wrote on her website "Our good father and grandfather, Peter Graf, has gone in peace from us. We grieve quietly and look back on many beautiful moments we spent together."

Their relationship had turned rocky because of many problems that plagued her dad years earlier. Many believe though that Steffi and Peter had since conciliated. You can read the entire article "Tennis legend Steffi Graf's father, Peter, has died of cancer" as well other information here. 

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