Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tennis Legend John McEnroe Calls for End to Doubles Match

Dmitry Druzhinsky & John McEnroe's Take On Doubles

One of tennis biggest names and pro legend John McEnroe is calling for doubles to be scrapped at grand slam tournaments. Dmitry Druzhinsky News has learned that the 54-year old McEnroe, who was very successful himself playing the doubles format, is calling to an end to the matches. John, who won 71 career ATP doubles titles, believes that since most elite players are no longer taking part that it should be halted.
McEnroe told the Daily Telegraph "Why we are even playing doubles at this point is a mystery to me." and then added, "I love doubles but I don't even recognize what this is."
The tennis legend is known and remembered for his many tantrums and outburst such as "You cannot be serious" he constantly shouted to tennis umpires. John shares many more thoughts on the doubles matter which you can read in their entirety in this article John McEnroe wants doubles scrapped at grand slam tournaments here .

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